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Harinder Singh, Ph.D. is a Staff Scientist in the Infectious Disease Department at the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI). Dr. Singh's area of research is mostly focused on various data analysis, data mining, development of prediction algorithm and databases and bioinformatics pipelines for the scientific community. Dr. Singh has significant experience in analyzing proteomics, metabolomics, expression, microbiome and metagenomics datasets using various bioinformatics pipelines. Dr. Singh's interest lies in understanding the long-term effects of diabetes and predict bio-signature with the progression of diabetes using meta-omics dataset and system biology. Dr. Singh received his Ph.D. from CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology in Bioinformatics and obtained his master’s degree in biotechnology from Thapar University, INDIA.

Research Priorities

Analysis of microbiomes using metagenomics

  • Understanding human disease diagnosis and progression due to changes in the microbiome.
  • Prediction of geo-location based on the personal microbiome.

Understanding diabetes and chronic kidney diseases

  • Protein biomarkers for diagnosis and progression of diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Development of Bioinformatics tools

  • Pipeline for analyzing different ‘omics data.
  • Development of prediction methods for understanding complex datasets.
  • Management and development of databases and web-based applications.


Select Publications

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