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Todd P. Michael, Ph.D. is Professor and Director of Informatics at J. Craig Venter Institute, where his group focuses on reading and writing genomes. Current projects include sequencing minimal and specialized plant genomes, creating a minimal plant genome, and editing neuronal epigenomes to modulate learning and memory. Before joining JCVI, Dr. Michael has held several positions in Academics and Industry including Director of Genomics and Research Fellow at Abbott Laboratories, Head of the Genome Center and Associate Research Fellow at Monsanto, and Assistant Professor at The Waksman Institute and Rutgers University. He received his PhD from Dartmouth College, BA from the University of Virginia, and conducted Postdoctoral research at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies.

Research Priorities

Genome sequencing, assembly and analysis

  • Minimal and specialized plant genomes: carnivorous plants, duckweed
  • Circadian and time of day expression networks
  • Arabidopsis genomics and analysis tools

Genome editing

  • Methods of editing the epigenome
  • Epigenomics of learning and memory
  • Computational methods of genome design


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Select Publications

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