Vincent Bielinski, PhD

Staff Scientist



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Vincent Bielinski is a staff scientist in the Synthetic Biology department at JCVI.  His primary research focus is enabling the design and implementation of novel genetic circuits for use in microorganisms. This work includes the isolation and domestication of native and synthetic genetic parts from across multiple species and in vivo analysis of circuit function.

Vincent received his PhD in Cell Regulation from UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, as well as a Bachelor’s in Microbiology from the university of Oklahoma. He also spent several years working in the private algal biofuel and pharmaceutical sectors in San Diego at Sapphire Energy, Synthetic Genomics, and Dart Neuroscience prior to joining JCVI.

Research Priorities

Construction of genetic circuits

  • Part identification and registry
  • Developing molecular timers and kill switches

Advancing canonical model organisms

  • Diatoms, moss, soil bacteria

Metabolic Engineering of microorganisms

  • Renewable energy and fuels


Bielinski, Vincent; Bauman, Nicholas; Boyd, Kate Lyons; Akella, Srividya; Bower, Stanley; Roessler, Paul. 2015.
Regulation of toxin and antitoxin genes for biological containment.
U.S. Patent 8,975,061, filed June 28, 2012, and issued March 10, 2015.


Select Publications

Diatom centromeres suggest a mechanism for nuclear DNA acquisition.
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PMID: 28673987
Refinement of the Diatom Episome Maintenance Sequence and Improvement of Conjugation-Based DNA Delivery Methods.
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