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Yanbao Yu, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the J. Craig Venter Institute working in the Department of Infectious Disease. His research laboratory aims to study fundamental questions associated with host-microbe interactions, bacterial pathogenesis, and cell signaling in innate immunity by employing innovative technologies centered on high throughput high accuracy mass spectrometry (MS)-based quantitative proteomics. He obtained his PhD in chemical biology from Fudan University, Shanghai. He joined JCVI in 2013, first as postdoctoral fellow, and later as Staff Scientist with research focused on urinary tract infections and catheter biofilms. He became an independent investigator in November 2017, with broad research interests in microbiome and metaproteomics.

Research Priorities

Study of human microbiome and their participation in health and diseases.

  • MS-based microbial detection as potential clinical diagnostic methods
  • Mechanism of host-microbe interactions in infectious diseases
  • Chemical biology approaches to investigate protein interactions
  • Integration of multiple omics

Development of novel MS-based techniques for highly efficient and effective proteome analysis

  • Alternative protein/peptide fractionation and identification methods
  • Large scale clinical/microbial sample processing for biomarker discovery
  • Label-based and label-free proteome quantitation technologies


Select Publications

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