Forensics Microbiome Database

Forensics Microbiome Database

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The Forensic Microbiome Database (FMD) is a unique resource that enables the visualization and comparison of 16S rRNA human microbiome data obtained from multiple body sites with metadata as it relates to forensics. The goal of the FMD is to predict the geographical location of subjects using human microbiome data.

As part of this award, we actively continue to update the database with publicly available 16S rRNA microbiome data and we are expanding the dataset through the inclusion of paired oral and stool microbiome samples from 100 healthy adult females each residing in Hong Kong, Barbados, Chile, and two sites in South Africa. The addition of these large size datasets will strengthen our geolocation prediction model and incorporate multiple currently underrepresented geographical locations worldwide.


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PMID: 28728057


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