Sequencing of the Genome of the Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti

Sequencing of the Genome of the Mosquito, Aedes Aegypti

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On June 14th, 2006, the NIAID Microbial Sequencing Centers announced annotation Release 1.0 of the Aedes aegypti genome sequence. This annotation was produced jointly by The Institute for Genomic Research and VectorBase with support from The Broad Institute of Harvard/MIT.

Release 1.0 was deposited at GenBank under the accession version AAGE00000000. Long-term curation of the genome sequence and subsequent annotation updates will be the responsibility of VectorBase.

Release 1.0 contains 15,419 high confidence protein-coding genes; alternatively spliced transcripts derived from 992 genes add an additional 1,370 proteins yielding a total of 16,789 predicted proteins. Our structural annotation (gene finding) strategy involved masking repetitive DNA sequences, followed by a combination of EST and protein alignments, trained gene prediction algorithms, and evidence-based gene predictions. Annotation release 1.0 was derived by comparing and merging gene sets generated independently by VectorBase and TIGR.

An autonaming pipeline used sequence similarity to PANTHER, Drosophila (Release 4.3) and UniProt databases as a basis for functional name assignment. Gene Ontology terms were computationally assigned to the genes based on Drosophila GO annotations via sequence homology, or Pfam domain matches above the trusted cutoff. A "supplement" of lower confidence gene predictions is also available at VectorBase.

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