Infectious Disease


As the population on our planet continues to increase, and as issues like global climate change arise, the threat of emerging infectious diseases intensifies. One of the longstanding research focus areas at the JCVI is microbial and viral genomics and how those relate to human infectious disease. That work continues today in several major areas including: elucidation of the human microbiome influence on infectious diseases; and sequencing and analysis of human pathogens such as carbapenem resistant Enterobacteriaceae, strains of influenza related to seasonal vaccine effectiveness; and understanding human immunity to the malaria parasite. A thorough genomic understanding of these diseases will enable JCVI researchers to collaborate on new vaccines and treatments for these global health threats.

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Paolo Amedeo, PhD
Staff Scientist
Sinem Beyhan, PhD
Assistant Professor
David Brown, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
James Christensen
Sr. Software Engineer
Roshan D'Souza, PhD
Staff Scientist
Derek M. Harkins, MS
Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst
Keehwan Kwon, PhD
Assistant Professor
Hernan Lorenzi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Ahmed Moustafa, PhD
Senior Scientist
Karen E. Nelson, PhD
President; Professor, Genomic Medicine Group
Lauren M. Oldfield, PhD
Assistant Professor
Aubrie O’Rourke, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Brett E. Pickett, PhD
Assistant Professor
Rembert Pieper, PhD
Director, Rockville Campus; Professor
Richard H. Scheuermann, PhD
Director, La Jolla Campus; Professor
Harinder Singh, PhD
Staff Scientist
Gene S. Tan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sanjay Vashee, PhD
Associate Professor
Yanbao Yu, PhD
Assistant Professor