Informatics plays a critical role in transforming the deluge of genomics data into scientific discoveries. JCVI Informatics has been at the forefront of these advancements with informatics tools including whole genome assemblers and TIGRFAMS. As datasets grow in both volume and complexity, we are building tools to address pan genomes, microbiomes, single-cell genomes, genome visualization, haplotyping, and biomarker discovery. The Informatics group is leveraging new databasing strategies, machine learning, and next generation AI to provide innovative solutions to biological challenges.

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Bradley Abramson, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Paolo Amedeo, PhD
Staff Scientist
Erin Beck, MS
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
James Christensen
Sr. Software Engineer
Rachael Gominsky, MS
Staff Scientist
Derek M. Harkins, MS
Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst
Jason Inman, MS
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
Weizhong Li, PhD
Associate Professor
Hernan Lorenzi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Jamison McCorrison
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
Todd P. Michael, PhD
Director of Informatics; Professor
Brett E. Pickett, PhD
Assistant Professor
Shane Poplawski, PhD
Staff Scientist
Yu “Max” Qian, PhD
Assistant Professor
R. Alexander Richter, MA
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
Richard H. Scheuermann, PhD
Director, La Jolla Campus; Professor
Indresh Singh, MS
Manager Core Informatics Services; Sr. Software Engineer
Pratap Venepally, PhD
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
Christian Zmasek, PhD
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer