J. Craig Venter Institute Announces November 9, 2013 Black Tie Event to Celebrate Opening of New California Sustainable Laboratory

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J. Craig Venter Institute Announces November 9, 2013 Black Tie Event to Celebrate Opening of New California Sustainable Laboratory

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Capital One Bank is Top Sponsor for Event

ROCKVILLE, MD and SAN DIEGO, CA—July 2, 2013—The J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI) today announced November 9, 2013 as the date for a black tie fund raising event to celebrate the opening of their new sustainable laboratory in La Jolla, CA. Capital One Bank has generously signed on as the highest level, “Visionary Sponsor” for the event. Other sponsors to date include: ZGF Architects and McCarthy Building Companies, who have been named as “Explorer Sponsors”.

The beautiful steel, wood and concrete JCVI building, designed by ZGF Architects and constructed by McCarthy Building Companies on the University of California, San Diego campus, will be the first true carbon neutral biological laboratory in the world. The 45,000 square foot facility will embody the philosophies of much of the genomic research that will take place inside the building. JCVI is financing the building through Capital One Bank.

“The new JCVI building is the realization of many years of planning and coordination with our colleagues at UCSD, the city of San Diego, ZGF and McCarthy Building Companies,” said J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., JCVI Founder and CEO. “This building has also been a personal dream of mine in that it allows me to return to the intellectually stimulating and collegial environment that is San Diego. We are very pleased that Capital One is part of the team that is making this building a reality and we are grateful for their very generous support for the November 9 celebration.”

Approximately 125 scientists and staff who are engaged in some of the most advanced genomic research will be housed in the building. Scientific programs include: human genomic sequencing and analysis, synthetic genomics and exploration of new vaccines using this technology, and environmental and single cell genomics to explore the vast unseen world of microbes living in the human body, the ocean, soil and air.

“We are delighted to join the J. Craig Venter Institute in celebrating the opening of this remarkable new facility,” said Adam Ostrach, Senior Vice President, Capital One Bank. “We share the Institute’s commitment to environmental sustainability, and we look forward to supporting their ground-breaking genomics research in the future.” The black tie opening event will use the new building as a distinctive backdrop for the theme, “Step into the Genome.” Unique musical entertainment, roving visual acts, and special food and beverages will tie into the extraordinary science of genomics happening at JCVI.

Other companies involved in the design and construction of the JCVI building are: Integral Group / IDeAs, KPFF Consulting Engineers, Jacobs Consultancy, Andropogon Associates with David Reed, Landscape Architects, David Nelson & Associates, SC Engineers, Inc., and Sustainable SoCal, Inc.

About the J. Craig Venter Institute (JCVI)

The JCVI is a not-for-profit research institute in Rockville, MD and San Diego, CA dedicated to the advancement of the science of genomics; the understanding of its implications for society; and communication of those results to the scientific community, the public, and policymakers. Founded by J. Craig Venter, Ph.D., the JCVI is home to approximately 250 scientists and staff with expertise in human and evolutionary biology, genetics, bioinformatics/informatics, information technology, high-throughput DNA sequencing, genomic and environmental policy research, and public education in science and science policy. The legacy organizations of the JCVI are: The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR), The Center for the Advancement of Genomics (TCAG), the Institute for Biological Energy Alternatives (IBEA), the Joint Technology Center (JTC), and the J. Craig Venter Science Foundation. The JCVI is a 501 (c)(3) organization. For additional information, please visit http://www.JCVI.org.

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