Mammalian Genomics


J. Craig Venter, PhD and his research teams have been at the forefront of mammalian genomics for more than two decades. Their pioneering work began in 1991 while at the National Institutes of Health by developing a technique, expressed sequence tags or ESTs, to rapidly identify human genes. Dr. Venter and some from the team later went on to publish the first draft sequence of the human genome in 2001 at a company he co-founded called Celera Genomics, and then the first complete diploid human genome at JCVI in 2007. Complementing human DNA advancements, JCVI President, Karen Nelson, PhD, and a team of collaborators led the landmark first study on the human gut microbiome, cataloging life found in the human gut. These seminal studies have helped accelerate us towards the goal of truly individualized genomic medicine. Building on these advancements, JCVI is expanding its portfolio to include flu vaccine development, novel autoimmune disease research in areas such as multiple sclerosis, and metabolic diseases, including type 1 and 2 diabetes.

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Gajender Aleti, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Jonathon Baker, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Agnes Chan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Yongwook Choi, PhD
Staff Scientist
Anna Edlund, PhD
Assistant Professor
Derek M. Harkins, MS
Sr. Bioinformatics Analyst
Jason Inman, MS
Sr. Bioinformatics Engineer
Weizhong Li, PhD
Associate Professor
Hernan Lorenzi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Todd P. Michael, PhD
Director of Informatics; Professor
Karen E. Nelson, PhD
President; Professor, Genomic Medicine Group
Rembert Pieper, PhD
Director, Rockville Campus; Professor
Richard H. Scheuermann, PhD
Director, La Jolla Campus; Professor
Nicholas J. Schork, PhD
Director of Human Biology; Professor
Yo Suzuki, PhD
Assistant Professor
Xiaoyu Tang, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Manolito G. Torralba
Laboratory Research and Development Manager
J. Craig Venter, PhD
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer