The J. Craig Venter Institute Marketing and Communications Department collaborates with local, national and international partners.  We are happy to assist with developing stories, scheduling interviews and liaising with our scientists to provide the most up to date information about their research and discoveries. For media inquiries, please email

The following identity guidelines and branding assets for the J. Craig Venter Institute explore a variety of brand elements and examples of how to implement them. While each project will have specific requirements and utilize these in various ways—the brand guide and other resources should always be used to ensure the JCVI brand is represented consistently and accurately throughout different platforms.

Branding Tools and Assets

Identity Guidelines

Keeping in mind that they key to a successful visual brand is a clear set of rules that are defining but not limiting, these identity guidelines have been created for you to reference when making decisions about how utilize these assets so that a unified brand experience is delivered to our audience.

Identity Guidelines File


The JCVI logo is grouped by two different mediums (Print and Screen/Web). These mediums utilize different file types to render your logo correctly. To select a logo, navigate to the appropriate medium, select your desired layout (inline or stacked) then your desired color (white or black.)

Logo Files

For best results:

Printing use .ai or .eps
Screen/Web use .png or .jpg

Any professional printing or external advertising of the JCVI logo must be cleared through the JCVI Marketing and Communications team. This includes brochures, banners, fliers, t-shirts, any offset, screen, or digital press, or other professional print method. Please submit requests to


We have prepared a library of photos of our facilities, research areas, and staff. If you need something other than what is provided, please submit a request to

Synthetic Cell
First Minimal Synthetic Bacterial Cell
Dr. J. Craig Venter (CEO, Founder, Chariman)
Dr. Karen Nelson (President)
JCVI Building

Marketing Materials

The following are digital versions of JCVI’s Marketing and Development materials designed to introducing you to our mission and research.

JCVI Development Brochure
JCVI General Brochure
JCVI Fact Sheet