Naming Opportunities

Naming Opportunities

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Make a Transformational Gift to JCVI

As a not-for-profit organization, JCVI depends on donations to maintain and improve our laboratory and to recruit the world’s best researchers. Now, you can have a direct impact on the course of modern science by giving JCVI the ability to transcend even more scientific boundaries.  A host of naming opportunities is available for you to create your personal legacy with JCVI.

Research Laboratory Wing — $15,000,000

The single-story, 12,605-square-foot laboratory wing is home to 125 scientists and is where JCVI’s most meaningful work happens. It includes wet bench research and dry research workspaces. The labs use an innovative “plug-and-play” casework system that allows researchers to modify spaces to suit their needs.

Courtyard — $5,000,000

Located between the laboratory and office wings of the Institute, the central courtyard is the heart of JCVI. The green space serves as both an informal gathering place for staff and as a setting for receptions and other special events. Photovoltaic arrays, which also generate power for the building, provide shade over the space.

J. Craig Venter Institute Archives — $5,000,000

Located on the second floor, the archives were formed in late 2005 to preserve, care for, and provide access to the JCVI History of Molecular Biology Collection. The Collection is a comprehensive array of documents and artifacts marking significant milestones in the history of molecular biology.

The collection includes original, rare, and unique primary source materials, including galley proofs, correspondence, photographs, offprints, edited and unpublished manuscripts, and laboratory notebooks from Nobel Laureates and renowned scientists such as Sydney Brenner, Francis Crick, Max Delbrück, Rosalind Franklin, Aaron Klug, Linus Pauling, Max Perutz, Maurice Wilkins, and James Watson.

Auditorium — $4,000,000

Located on the third floor, JCVI’s state-of-the-art auditorium seats more than 100 guests. It is used for training, seminars, specialized workshops, and conferences throughout the year.

Chairman’s Terrace — $3,000,000

The chairman’s suite is situated on the second floor, overlooking the terrace and garden and with inspiring ocean views. The space serves as the workspace for J. Craig Venter and is also used as a meeting room.

Conference Room (3) — $1,500,000

Large conference rooms (located on the first and third floors) serve all staff and provide spaces for board meetings, special seminars, and smaller-scale gatherings of students, staff, and visitors.  Rooms are equipped with high-tech systems to facilitate video conferencing and communication with global collaborators.

Lobby — $1,000,000

Guests entering the building from the main doors and parking area are welcomed with bamboo flooring and solid-core cedar wood-framed windows opening to JCVI’s central courtyard. The lobby provides elevator access to the administrative office wing and is the main entrance to research laboratory wing.

Paver — $2,500

Permanently etch your name, or that of a loved one or science supporter, on a paver that will be placed in the courtyard for all JCVI staff and guests to see and appreciate.


To learn more about how to leave a named legacy please contact the JCVI Development Office at

J. Craig Venter Institute is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Contributions to J. Craig Venter Institute are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. J. Craig Venter Institute’s tax identification number is 52-1842938.