Plant Genomics


Plant genomics has been an integral part of the JCVI legacy for many years. Starting with our work on the first sequencing project of a plant, Arabidopsis, we have expanded our activities to genome and EST projects for a wide range of plant species. These include rice, continued work on Arabidopsis, potato, maize, Medicago, soybean, tomato, barley, pine, onion, banana, various pulse crops (legumes) and several microbial pathogens that afflict important crops.

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Current work is focused primarily on improving the sequence and annotation of Medicago truncatula (barrel medic). We are also involved in consortia sequencing the genomes of Brassica oleraceaMedicago sativa (alfalfa) and Salix purpurea  (willow, a potential bioenergy crop). In addition, we provide informatics support for and host the maize cell genomics database.