D'Souza R, Pandeya DR, Rahman M, Seo Lee H, Jung JK, Hong ST

Genetic engineering of Lactococcus lactis to produce an amylase inhibitor for development of an anti-diabetes biodrug.

The new microbiologica. 2012-01-01; 35.1: 35-42.

Diabetes is known as a multifactorial disease. The treatment of diabetes is complicated due to its inherent pathophysiological factors related to the disease. One of the complications of diabetes is postprandial hyperglycemia. Glucosidase inhibitors, particularly ?-amylase inhibitors can help manage postprandial hyperglycemia. The low molecular weight inhibitor of ? -amylases called PAMI (peptide amylase inhibitor) inhibits the ? -amylase. In this study we cloned this amylase blocker PAMI in Lactococcus lactis. Using this Lactococcus lactis expressing the PAMI, we prepared yogurt and fed it to diabetic mice models. There was decrease in the blood glucose level after 20 days of oral administration of the yogurt. This product be used as a biodrug in maintaining the blood glucose level in diabetic patients.

PMID: 22378551

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