Freel KC, Edlund A, Jensen PR

Microdiversity and evidence for high dispersal rates in the marine actinomycete 'Salinispora pacifica'.

Environmental microbiology. 2012-02-01; 14.2: 480-93.

In July of 2006 and January of 2008, a total of 671 marine sediment samples were collected at depths from 5 to 2012 m throughout the Fijian islands and selectively processed for the cultivation of marine actinomycetes belonging to the genus Salinispora. The primary objectives were to assess the diversity, distribution and phylogeny of 'S. pacifica', the least well studied of the three species in the genus. Employing a sequential screening method based on antibiotic sensitivity, RFLP patterns, and 16S rRNA and ITS sequence analyses, 42 of 750 isolates with Salinispora-like features were identified as 'S. pacifica'. These strains represent the first report of 'S. pacifica' from Fiji and include 15 representatives of 4 new 'S. pacifica' 16S rRNA sequence types. Among the 'S. pacifica' strains isolated, little evidence for geographical isolation emerged based on 16S, ITS or secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene fingerprinting. The inclusion of isolates from additional collection sites and other Salinispora spp. revealed a high degree of dispersal among 'S. pacifica' populations and phylogenetic support for the delineation of this lineage as a third species.

PMID: 22117917

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