Dsouza R, Pinto NA, Hwang I, Cho Y, Yong D, Choi J, Lee K, Chong Y

Panel strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae for beta-lactam antibiotic evaluation: their phenotypic and genotypic characterization.

PeerJ. 2017-01-01; 5.e2896.

Klebsiella pneumoniae is responsible for numerous infections caused in hospitals, leading to mortality and morbidity. It has been evolving as a multi-drug resistant pathogen, acquiring multiple resistances such as such as horizontal gene transfer, transposon-mediated insertions or change in outer membrane permeability. Therefore, constant efforts are being carried out to control the infections using various antibiotic therapies. Considering the severity of the acquired resistance, we developed a panel of strains of K. pneumoniae expressing different resistance profiles such as high-level penicillinase and AmpC production, extended spectrum beta-lactamases and carbapenemases. Bacterial strains expressing different resistance phenotypes were collected and examined for resistance genes, mutations and porin alterations contributing to the detected phenotypes. Using the Massive parallel sequencing (MPS) technology we have constructed and genotypically characterized the panel strains to elucidate the multidrug resistance. These panel strains can be used in the clinical laboratory as standard reference strains. In addition, these strains could be significant in the field of pharmaceuticals for the antibiotic drug testing to verify its efficiency on pathogens expressing various  resistances.

PMID: 28133574

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