Baek SH, Chung HJ, Lee HK, D'Souza R, Jeon Y, Kim HJ, Kweon SJ, Hong ST

Treatment of obesity with the resveratrol-enriched rice DJ-526.

Scientific reports. 2014-01-27; 4.3879.

Obesity is the most prevalent disease in the world which poses a serious risk for various chronic diseases. However, currently there are not any therapeutic agents that reduce body weight without causing serious side effects. In order to prevent and/or treat obesity and related diseases through a nutraceutical approach, we created a resveratrol-enriched transgenic rice accumulating 1.4 μg/g of resveratrol in its grain, DJ-526. Feeding of mice with the resveratrol-enriched rice DJ-526 showed excellent anti-obesity effect with reduction of body weights and abdominal fat volumes compared to the control by 20.0% and 31.3%, respectively. Also, the consumption of the resveratrol-enriched rice DJ526 significantly improved the blood lipid profiles and glucose levels in the animal experiments. Our resveratrol-enriched rice DJ-526 rice could provide both safe and convenient way for people with obesity and related diseases without major change of lifestyle or unwanted side effects from medication.

PMID: 24464364

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