Synthetic Biology


Since 1995, we have been advancing a variety of new avenues of synthetic biology research. They were successful in construction of the first synthetic bacterial cell and first minimal cell, both to understand fundamentals of biology, and on developing synthetic organisms able to produce various kinds of biological products including new sources of medicine, such as insulin, and other products like renewable fuels. As the team has progressed on their synthetic biology goals they are equally as focused on the societal implications of this work. From the first work on a minimal genome in 1995 to today, these ethical implications are being explored by our scientists and policy experts. Synthetic genomics holds great promise for the future, and our team intends to be at the forefront of discoveries and the important public dialogue.

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Vincent Bielinski, PhD
Staff Scientist
David Brown, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Lin Ding, PhD
Post Doctoral Fellow
Christopher Dupont, PhD
Associate Professor
Robert M. Friedman, PhD
VP for Policy & University Relations
Daniel Gibson, PhD
Associate Professor
Clyde A. Hutchison, III, PhD
Distinguished Professor
Yujia Li, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Chuck Merryman, PhD
Assistant Professor
Todd P. Michael, PhD
Director of Informatics; Professor
Lauren M. Oldfield, PhD
Assistant Professor
Hamilton Smith, MD
Scientific Director
Yo Suzuki, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sanjay Vashee, PhD
Associate Professor
J. Craig Venter, PhD
Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer
Kim Wise, PhD
Senior Scientist
Yong Xue, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow