Viral Genomics


Humans are constantly exposed to a plethora of viruses that cause disease. Highly infectious pathogens such as influenza virus, rotavirus, enteroviruses, and respiratory syncytial virus are a persistent public health concern. Recent outbreaks caused by West Nile, Zika, yellow fever, and Middle-East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) coronavirus remind us of the ongoing threat posed by emerging and re-remerging viruses. The virology group at the JCVI focuses on defining the genomes of viruses and characterizing virus-host interactions to better understand viral evolution, elucidate the underlying molecular mechanisms that cause disease, and develop novel vaccines and therapeutics.

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Paolo Amedeo, PhD
Staff Scientist
David Brown, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Miglena Manandhar, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Karen E. Nelson, PhD
President; Professor, Genomic Medicine Group
Lauren M. Oldfield, PhD
Assistant Professor
Brett E. Pickett, PhD
Assistant Professor
Richard H. Scheuermann, PhD
Director, La Jolla Campus; Professor
Gene S. Tan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Sanjay Vashee, PhD
Associate Professor