By Lisa McDonald

2010 Internship Program Ready to Go

2009 California Summer Interns

Are you thinking about summer already? We are!! The 2010 Summer Internship Program is open to accept applications. Last year, we received and reviewed over 300 applications from all over the US and the world for our summer program. Interns were selected to work in most of the research groups throughout the Institute: 18 interns were selected in San Diego and 37 selected in Maryland.

2009 Maryland Summer Interns
2009 Maryland Summer Interns

Some of the projects interns worked on were the following:

  • Studies of fluorescent DNA uptake in yeast S. cerevisiae
  • The Role of CPSIII in Diatom Growth
  • Study of the Influenza virus and Sequencing Preparation by Amplification
  • Using DNA Sequence to Access Nature’s Pharmacy
  • Functional Annotation and Interaction Network Analysis of Proteins and Domains of Unknown Function in Treponema pallidum
  • Environment, Health and Safety
  • A Look into Arabidopsis

This year we had ten high school students, one high school teacher, and several undergraduate and graduate students in our intern group. The group made individual presentations to JCVI scientists and staff who were all quite impressed with the level of these presentations given their short time with us. The interns in both our East and West coast locations also had a unique opportunity this year to discuss their projects directly with Dr. Venter.

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