Mammalian Genomics

From sequencing the first human genome to conducting some of the earliest work in understanding the human gut microbiome, JCVI researchers are pioneers in mammalian genomics. Our work continues as we advance new methods and understanding for detecting cancers at their earliest stages, universal flu vaccines, and autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis.

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Microbial & Environmental Genomics

JCVI’s leadership and expertise began with microbial genomics. Our world is teeming with microbes and we are scouring the oceans, soil, and human body to learn how they affect all these environments.

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Infectious Disease

Infectious disease is the second leading cause of death worldwide. At JCVI we are tackling influenza, yellow fever, malaria, and other vexing infectious diseases with the goal of better understanding and enabling new treatments.

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Synthetic Biology

After constructing the first synthetic bacterial cell and the first minimal bacterial cell, JCVI scientists are using the groundbreaking techniques used in these milestones to construct synthetic flu vaccines, develop unique new sources of insulin, and more efficient means to produce algae-based biofuels.

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Ocean Microplastics Explained

As we wrap up sampling in the waters off of Maine, Dr. Chris Dupont discusses how collections of plastic particles in the water – or “plastisphere” – may be harboring fish or human pathogens. There may also be microbes responsible for degrading plastic, which are being investigated.

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How Sex Differences Affect Asthma Development

Preliminary research has shown a relationship between sex, the microbiome, and asthma development. We are looking to understand this relationship by examining sex differences in microbiomes in asthma. With this data we hope to advance more directed treatments and prevention.

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Inspiring the Next Generation of Scientific Leadership

Through the NIDDK-funded Genomics Scholars Program, JCVI has provided aspiring scientists wet lab, technical, and career training. Community college students from Montgomery College (Maryland) and MiraCosta College (California) have participated, with the next cohort joining us this summer.

Support Innovative Science

The biggest scientific breakthroughs developed at JCVI—including sequencing of the first genome, the first microbiome sequencing, and creating new synthetic life were funded outside the traditional grant system.

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