By Lisa McDonald

2011 Internship Program Updated

JCVI Rockville February 2010

The 2011 JCVI Internship Program is open to accept spring and summer applications. The application process includes the submission of a resume, essay and transcripts as one PDF file via our online application site. We no longer require letters of recommendation.

Information about the 2011 program can be found here.

Hopefully this winter, we won’t be hit with two MAJOR snow storms in Maryland that shut all the schools, the federal government and JCVI down for several days the week applications were due! I don’t think they are calling for much snow this year in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Of course, that is not a problem for our colleagues in San Diego.

Some interesting facts about the summer internships from last year:

  • 366 applicants applied online

44 Interns were selected:

  • 8 high school students
  • 19 undergraduate students
  • 13 graduate students
  • 4 secondary teachers
  • 12 of the 44 were in San Diego and 32 in Rockville

The intern projects ranged across the Institute:

  • Shewanella oneidensis Growth in Chemostats
  • Purification and Characterization of a Pyrenoid Localized Decarboxylase
  • M. mycoides Minimalization: Combinatorial Assembly
  • Molecular Detection of Temperate Phages and Lysogens in the Marine Environment
  • Comparing the Performance of Short-Read Genome Assemblers
  • Phylogenetic Analysis of Cecal Microbiota in Alcohol-Induced Dysbacteriotic Mice, and Comparison of Pyrosequencing and Sanger Sequencing Technologies
  • Laboratory Research and Environmental Health & Safety (included making a safety video)
  • The Role of Accounting

Good luck to all the applicants this year!