GCID Publications

Genome biology. 2010-01-01; 11.10: R107.
Structure and dynamics of the pan-genome of Streptococcus pneumoniae and closely related species
Donati C, Hiller NL, Tettelin H, Muzzi A, Croucher NJ, Angiuoli SV, Oggioni M, Dunning Hotopp JC, Hu FZ, Riley DR, Covacci A, Mitchell TJ, Bentley SD, Kilian M, Ehrlich GD, Rappuoli R, Moxon ER, Masignani V
PMID: 21034474
PLoS genetics. 2009-12-01; 5.12: e1000786.
Comparative ICE genomics: insights into the evolution of the SXT/R391 family of ICEs
Wozniak RA, Fouts DE, Spagnoletti M, Colombo MM, Ceccarelli D, Garriss G, Déry C, Burrus V, Waldor MK
PMID: 20041216
Journal of bacteriology. 2009-12-01; 191.24: 7628-9.
Draft genome sequences of Yersinia pestis isolates from natural foci of endemic plague in China
Eppinger M, Guo Z, Sebastian Y, Song Y, Lindler LE, Yang R, Ravel J
PMID: 19820101
PLoS currents. 2009-11-03; 1.RRN1126.
The early diversification of influenza A/H1N1pdm
Nelson M, Spiro D, Wentworth D, Beck E, Fan J, Ghedin E, Halpin R, Bera J, Hine E, Proudfoot K, Stockwell T, Lin X, Griesemer S, Kumar S, Bose M, Viboud C, Holmes E, Henrickson K
PMID: 20029664
PLoS pathogens. 2009-10-01; 5.10: e1000634.
Evolutionary dynamics of human rotaviruses: balancing reassortment with preferred genome constellations
McDonald SM, Matthijnssens J, McAllen JK, Hine E, Overton L, Wang S, Lemey P, Zeller M, Van Ranst M, Spiro DJ, Patton JT
PMID: 19851457
Gene. 2009-09-15; 445.1-2: 26-37.
Fast, adaptive evolution at a bacterial host-resistance locus: the PFam54 gene array in Borrelia burgdorferi
Wywial E, Haven J, Casjens SR, Hernandez YA, Singh S, Mongodin EF, Fraser-Liggett CM, Luft BJ, Schutzer SE, Qiu WG
PMID: 19505540
Journal of virology. 2009-09-01; 83.17: 8832-41.
Mixed infection and the genesis of influenza virus diversity
Ghedin E, Fitch A, Boyne A, Griesemer S, Depasse J, Bera J, Zhang X, Halpin RA, Smit M, Jennings L, St George K, Holmes EC, Spiro DJ
PMID: 19553313
Applied and environmental microbiology. 2009-09-01; 75.18: 5963-71.
Antimicrobial resistance-conferring plasmids with similarity to virulence plasmids from avian pathogenic Escherichia coli strains in Salmonella enterica serovar Kentucky isolates from poultry
Fricke WF, McDermott PF, Mammel MK, Zhao S, Johnson TJ, Rasko DA, Fedorka-Cray PJ, Pedroso A, Whichard JM, Leclerc JE, White DG, Cebula TA, Ravel J
PMID: 19648374
Journal of bacteriology. 2009-08-01; 191.15: 4750-7.
Comparative genomics of the IncA/C multidrug resistance plasmid family
Fricke WF, Welch TJ, McDermott PF, Mammel MK, Leclerc JE, White DG, Cebula TA, Ravel J
PMID: 19482926
Genome research. 2009-07-01; 19.7: 1224-32.
Pervasive, genome-wide positive selection leading to functional divergence in the bacterial genus Campylobacter
Lefébure T, Stanhope MJ
PMID: 19304960