Press Release

Institute Offers New Choice for Educators

May 02, 2000

ROCKVILLE, MD —­ The Instititute for Genomic Research (TIGR) today announced it will now offer a course to educators who would like to keep abreast of the rapidly evolving field of genomics.

The State of Maryland Department of Education recently approved TIGR's new course for two (2) continuing professional education credits. TIGR will provide a comprehensive 5-day Genomics Course for Educators on July 31-August 4, 2000 for twenty (20) high school science teachers from Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. The class will be conducted at TIGR in Rockville, Maryland.

The course will be announced through the distribution of information to superintendents, assistant superintendents and science supervisors in the surrounding counties within a 50-mile radius of TIGR, but will not exclude any additional areas. This course is approved for Maryland educators' Continuing Professional Development credit and, upon teacher request, may be eligible for the Teacher Recertification requirements in both Virginia and the District of Columbia, as well.

"We think the quick pace of technological change, especially in the biological sciences, makes it necessary for teachers to seek continuing education training from sources other than existing traditional educational workshops and seminars," said Claire Fraser, Ph.D., President of TIGR. "Subsequently, we believe it is important that teachers look to organizations like TIGR who are on the cutting-edge of research. As a nonprofit institution committed to scientific research in an academic environment, we are proud that we can now offer a course with CPD credits to participants."

The course is designed to give high school biology teachers the most up-to-date information along with a thorough understanding of genomics so that their students, in turn, may become familiar with this rapidly developing and controversial industry. As part of this program, participants will develop a lesson plan incorporating the material they have newly acquired.

Topics covered in the Genomics Course for Educators include:

  • The biological process by which cells read and follow genetic instructions;
  • Techniques in molecular biology for manipulating DNA so that it can be studied;
  • Vaccines and other benefits of genomic work; and
  • An overview of ethical issues raised by genomics, such as genetically altered crops, genetic therapy, genes and disease, personalized medicine, the Human Genome Project and privacy of individual genetic information.