Nucleic acids research. 2009-01-01; 37.Database issue: D509-14.

Aspergillus genomes and the Aspergillus cloud

Mabey Gilsenan JE, Atherton G, Bartholomew J, Giles PF, Attwood TK, Denning DW, Bowyer P

PMID: 19039001


Aspergillus Genomes is a public resource for viewing annotated genes predicted by various Aspergillus sequencing projects. It has arisen from the union of two significant resources: the Aspergillus/Aspergillosis website and the Central Aspergillus Data REpository (CADRE). The former has primarily served the medical community, providing information about Aspergillus and associated diseases to medics, patients and scientists; the latter has focused on the fungal genomic community, providing a central repository for sequences and annotation extracted from Aspergillus Genomes. By merging these databases, genomes benefit from extensive cross-linking with medical information to create a unique resource, spanning genomics and clinical aspects of the genus. Aspergillus Genomes is accessible from

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