PloS one. 2023-08-03; 18.8: e0289557.

Comparison of DNA concentration and bacterial pathogen PCR detection when using two DNA extraction kits for nasopharyngeal/oropharyngeal samples

Khan D, Thomas SA, Tientcheu PE, Suso SMS, Dupont C, Kwambana-Adams B, Mohammed NI, Nicol MP, Antonio M

PMID: 37535692


Several important human pathogens that cause life-threatening infections are asymptomatically carried in the Nasopharynx/Oropharynx (NP/OP). DNA extraction is a prerequisite for most culture-independent techniques used to identify pathogens in the NP/OP. However, components of DNA extraction kits differ thereby giving rise to differences in performance. We compared the DNA concentration and the detection of three pathogens in the NP/OP using the discontinued DNeasy PowerSoil Kit (Kit DP) and the DNeasy PowerLyzer PowerSoil Kit (Kit DPP).