Nucleic acids research. 2001-01-01; 29.1: 123-5.

The Comprehensive Microbial Resource

Peterson JD, Umayam LA, Dickinson T, Hickey EK, White O

PMID: 11125067


One challenge presented by large-scale genome sequencing efforts is effective display of uniform information to the scientific community. The Comprehensive Microbial Resource (CMR) contains robust annotation of all complete microbial genomes and allows for a wide variety of data retrievals. The bacterial information has been placed on the Web at for retrieval using standard web browsing technology. Retrievals can be based on protein properties such as molecular weight or hydrophobicity, GC-content, functional role assignments and taxonomy. The CMR also has special web-based tools to allow data mining using pre-run homology searches, whole genome dot-plots, batch downloading and traversal across genomes using a variety of datatypes.