Genome announcements. 2013-01-01; 1.1:

Draft Genome Sequence of a Single Cell of SAR86 Clade Subgroup IIIa

Rusch DB, Lombardo MJ, Yee-Greenbaum J, Novotny M, Brinkac LM, Lasken RS, Dupont CL

PMID: 23405308


SAR86 denotes a 16S clade of gammaproteobacteria that are ubiquitous in ocean surface waters. So far, SAR86 is resistant to cultivation; thus, little is known about the genome contents or physiology of this clade. Recently, four partial genome sequences for SAR86 subclades I and II were published. Here, we present the draft genome sequence of a single cell from SAR86 subgroup IIIa isolated from coastal waters in San Diego, CA.