PLoS pathogens. 2013-01-01; 9.6: e1003481.

Host factor SAMHD1 restricts DNA viruses in non-dividing myeloid cells

Hollenbaugh JA, Gee P, Baker J, Daly MB, Amie SM, Tate J, Kasai N, Kanemura Y, Kim DH, Ward BM, Koyanagi Y, Kim B

PMID: 23825958


SAMHD1 is a newly identified anti-HIV host factor that has a dNTP triphosphohydrolase activity and depletes intracellular dNTP pools in non-dividing myeloid cells. Since DNA viruses utilize cellular dNTPs, we investigated whether SAMHD1 limits the replication of DNA viruses in non-dividing myeloid target cells. Indeed, two double stranded DNA viruses, vaccinia and herpes simplex virus type 1, are subject to SAMHD1 restriction in non-dividing target cells in a dNTP dependent manner. Using a thymidine kinase deficient strain of vaccinia virus, we demonstrate a greater restriction of viral replication in non-dividing cells expressing SAMHD1. Therefore, this study suggests that SAMHD1 is a potential innate anti-viral player that suppresses the replication of a wide range of DNA viruses, as well as retroviruses, which infect non-dividing myeloid cells.

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