Nucleic acids research. 1996-04-15; 24.8: 1582-4.

Improved method for selecting RNA-binding activities in vivo

Fouts DE, Celander DW

PMID: 8628698


RNA challenge phages are modified versions of bacteriophage P22 that allow one to select directly for a specific RNA-protein interaction in vivo. The original construction method for generating a bacteriophage that encodes a specific RNA target requires two homologous recombination reactions between plasmids and phages in bacteria. An improved method is described that enables one to readily construct RNA challenge phages through a single homologous recombination reaction in vivo. We have applied the new method to construct a derivative of P22R17, an RNA challenge phage that undergoes lysogenic development in bacterial cells that express the bacteriophage R17/MS2 coat protein.

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