Nabwera HM, Espinoza JL, Worwui A, Betts M, Okoi C, Sesay AK, Bancroft R, Agbla SC, Jarju S, Bradbury RS, Colley M, Jallow AT, Liu J, Houpt ER, Prentice AM, Antonio M, Bernstein RM, Dupont CL, Kwambana-Adams BA

Interactions between fecal gut microbiome, enteric pathogens, and energy regulating hormones among acutely malnourished rural Gambian children.

EBioMedicine. 2021-11-01; 73.103644.

The specific roles that gut microbiota, known pathogens, and host energy-regulating hormones play in the pathogenesis of non-edematous severe acute malnutrition (marasmus SAM) and moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) during outpatient nutritional rehabilitation are yet to be explored.

PMID: 34695658

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