Duffy ME, Rogers ML, Joiner TE, Bergen AW, Berrettini W, Bulik CM, Brandt H, Crawford S, Crow S, Fichter M, Halmi K, Kaplan AS, Klump KL, Lilenfeld L, Magistretti PJ, Mitchell J, Schork NJ, Strober M, Thornton LM, Treasure J, Woodside B, Kaye WH, Keel PK

An investigation of indirect effects of personality features on anorexia nervosa severity through interoceptive dysfunction in individuals with lifetime anorexia nervosa diagnoses.

The International journal of eating disorders. 2019-01-12;

This study examined a hypothesized pathway by which interoceptive dysfunction accounted for associations between personality features (harm avoidance, self-directedness, and perfectionism) and anorexia nervosa (AN) severity (indicated by drive for thinness, eating disorder-related preoccupations and rituals, and body mass index).

PMID: 30636025