Trends in microbiology. 2021-06-01; 29.6: 551-561.

The Oral Host-Microbial Interactome: An Ecological Chronometer of Health?

Freire M, Nelson KE, Edlund A

PMID: 33279381


An increasing number of studies reveal that host-microbial interactome networks are coordinated, impacting human health and disease. Recently, several lines of evidence have revealed associations between the acquisition of a complex microbiota and adaptive immunity, supporting that host-microbiota symbiotic relationships have evolved as a means to maintain homeostasis where the role of the microbiota is to promote and educate the immune system. Here, we hypothesize an oral host-microbial interactome that could serve as an ecological chronometer of health and disease, with specific focus on caries, periodontal diseases, and cancer. We also review the current state of the art on the human oral microbiome and its correlations with host innate immunity, and host cytokine control, with the goal of using this information for disease prediction and designing novel treatments for local and systemic dysbiosis. In addition, we discuss new insights into the role of novel host-microbial signals as potential biomarkers, and their relevance for the future of precision dentistry and medicine.