Clarke TH, Brinkac LM, Inman JM, Sutton G, Fouts DE

PanACEA: a bioinformatics tool for the exploration and visualization of bacterial pan-chromosomes.

BMC bioinformatics. 2018-06-27; 19.1: 246.

Bacterial pan-genomes, comprised of conserved and variable genes across multiple sequenced bacterial genomes, allow for identification of genomic regions that are phylogenetically discriminating or functionally important. Pan-genomes consist of large amounts of data, which can restrict researchers ability to locate and analyze these regions. Multiple software packages are available to visualize pan-genomes, but currently their ability to address these concerns are limited by using only pre-computed data sets, prioritizing core over variable gene clusters, or by not accounting for pan-chromosome positioning in the viewer.

PMID: 29945570