Yu Y, Bekele S, Pieper R

Quick 96FASP for high throughput quantitative proteome analysis.

Journal of proteomics. 2017-08-23; 166.1-7.

Filter aided sample preparation (FASP) is becoming a central method for proteomic sample cleanup and peptide generation prior to LC-MS analysis. We previously adapted this method to a 96-well filter plate, and applied to prepare protein digests from cell lysate and body fluid samples in a high throughput quantitative manner. While the 96FASP approach is scalable and can handle multiple samples simultaneously, two key advantages compared to single FASP, it is also time-consuming. The centrifugation-based liquid transfer on the filter plate takes 3-5 times longer than single filter. To address this limitation, we now present a quick 96FASP (named q96FASP) approach that, relying on the use of filter membranes with a large MWCO size (~30kDa), significantly reduces centrifugal times. We show that q96FASP allows the generation of protein digests derived from whole cell lysates and body fluids in a quality similar to that of the single FASP method. Processing a sample in multiple wells in parallel, we observed excellent experimental repeatability by label-free quantitation approach. We conclude that the q96FASP approach promises to be a promising cost- and time-effective method for shotgun proteomics and will be particularly useful in large scale biomarker discovery studies.

PMID: 28669814