Feldblyum TV, Maglott DR, McPherson JD, Adams M, Apostol BL, Durkin AS, Wasmuth JJ, Nierman WC

Regional assignment and tissue expression of twenty-three expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from human chromosome 5.

Genomics. 1996-04-01; 33.1: 128-30.

Regional localization and expression patterns are reported for 19 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from human chromosome 5, two of which were derived from the same transcript. Two of the ESTs correspond to genes not previously characterized in humans: a stress-activated protein kinase and nicotinamide nucleotide transhydrogenase. Expression was determined by three methods: Northern blots, PCR from tissue-specific cDNA libraries, and sequence sampling from EST sequencing projects. Six of the ESTs show no expression, and EST01986 appears to be expressed predominantly in the brain by all methods tested.

PMID: 8617497

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