Genome announcements. 2018-06-14; 6.24:

Sequences of Zika Virus Genomes from a Pediatric Cohort in Nicaragua

Oldfield LM, Fedorova N, Puri V, Shrivastava S, Amedeo P, Durbin A, Rocchi I, Williams T, Shabman RS, Tan GS, Balmaseda A, Kuan G, Saborio S, Gordon A, Harris E, Pickett BE

PMID: 29903816


We report here the whole-genome sequence of 11 Zika virus (ZIKV) samples from six pediatric patients in Nicaragua. Serum samples were collected, and ZIKV was isolated in tissue culture. Both serum and virus isolates were sequenced. The consensus ZIKV genomes are greater than 99% identical to each other.