Journal of bacteriology. 2006-05-01; 188.9: 3402-8.

Sequencing Bacillus anthracis typing phages gamma and cherry reveals a common ancestry

Fouts DE, Rasko DA, Cer RZ, Jiang L, Fedorova NB, Shvartsbeyn A, Vamathevan JJ, Tallon L, Althoff R, Arbogast TS, Fadrosh DW, Read TD, Gill SR

PMID: 16621835


The genetic relatedness of the Bacillus anthracis typing phages Gamma and Cherry was determined by nucleotide sequencing and comparative analysis. The genomes of these two phages were identical except at three variable loci, which showed heterogeneity within individual lysates and among Cherry, Wbeta, Fah, and four Gamma bacteriophage sequences.