ACS synthetic biology. 2023-06-16; 12.6: 1583-1585.

SynHEAL: Synthesis of Health Equity, Advancement, and Leadership

Moon TS

PMID: 37322888


ARPA-H recently started its operation with a great vision and potential to revolutionize the biomedical field and research. To help them shape the future biomedical field and community and to make the biotechnology community aware of this new, exciting funding agency, I share my vision after collecting many comments and opinions from researchers, policymakers, journal editors, and funding agency directors. As DARPA has made huge impacts on science, engineering, and society, ARPA-H will do so by paying attention to and implementing stakeholders' suggestions. I also suggest that the biotechnology community members, including academic researchers, people in the biotechnology industry, and policymakers, should nurture innovation and diversity.

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