PLoS computational biology. 2023-12-07; 19.12: e1011652.

Ten simple rules for managing laboratory information

Berezin CT, Aguilera LU, Billerbeck S, Bourne PE, Densmore D, Freemont P, Gorochowski TE, Hernandez SI, Hillson NJ, King CR, Köpke M, Ma S, Miller KM, Moon TS, Moore JH, Munsky B, Myers CJ, Nicholas DA, Peccoud SJ, Zhou W, Peccoud J

PMID: 38060459


Information is the cornerstone of research, from experimental (meta)data and computational processes to complex inventories of reagents and equipment. These 10 simple rules discuss best practices for leveraging laboratory information management systems to transform this large information load into useful scientific findings.

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