Surgical neurology international. 2022-06-10; 13.247.

Thrombus-associated microbiota in acute ischemic stroke patients

Walker M, Uranga C, Levy SH, Kelly C, Edlund A

PMID: 35855159


Despite a reduction in stroke incidence and age-standardized death rates, stroke remains a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Significant interest in recent years has focused on the microbiota-host interaction because accumulating evidence has revealed myriad ways in which bacteria may contribute to risk of stroke and adverse outcomes after stroke. The emergence of endovascular thrombectomy as a treatment provides a unique opportunity to utilize thrombus retrieved from cerebral arteries to fill knowledge gaps about the influence of bacteria on stroke pathophysiology. While bacterial signatures have been confirmed in cerebral thrombi, the exact nature of the pathogenesis has not been established.