OMeta (Ontologies based metadata tracking system) is very flexible and can be configured to track any metadata, and metadata can be configured based on events like subject registration, vaccination, physical exam, treatment, diagnosis, lab test etc. OMeta keeps track of all events and updates to maintain complete audit trail (who, what and when).


  • Data driven
  • Event based
  • Complete audit trail
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Open source (Jboss, Tomcat and MySql)
  • Ontologies based tacking
  • Multiple web interface: Form, Table or File
  • Command line interface (CLI)
  • Project based security
  • Support for multi-hierarchy for project and sample.
  • All forms are generated based on Project, Sample and Event data.
  • Project and Sample attributes can be configures (without code change) based on tracking requirements.
  • Project and Sample attributes can be updated through multiple events like sample registration, sample QC, sample aliquot etc.


BMC bioinformatics. 2019-01-07; 20.1: 8.
OMeta: an ontology-based, data-driven metadata tracking system
Singh I, Kuscuoglu M, Harkins DM, Sutton G, Fouts DE, Nelson KE
PMID: 30612540

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Key Staff

Mehmet Kuscuoglu

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