Willow as a Potential Bioenergy Crop

JCVI is part of a consortium that includes Cornell University, the Joint Genomes Institute and West Virginia University to sequence the genome of the shrub willow, Salix purpurea, as a potential bioenergy crop. In collaboration with Cornell University, we are using RNA-seq to investigate transcriptional variation associated with hybrid vigor in triploid willow species.


Genome biology and evolution. 2017-09-01; 9.9: 2377-2394.
Dominance and Sexual Dimorphism Pervade the Salix purpurea L. Transcriptome
Carlson CH, Choi Y, Chan AP, Serapiglia MJ, Town CD, Smart LB
PMID: 28957462


Funding provided through the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy program.

Principal Investigator

Christopher Town, PhD


Larry Smart

Steve DiFazio
West Virginia University

Jerry Tuskan
Oak Ridge National Labs

Jeremy Schmutz
Hudson Alpha Institute

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