Inflammation: Friend or Foe?


Thirteen years ago, a team led by J. Craig Venter Institute President, Karen Nelson, PhD, published the first major human microbiome study, radically changing the way we look at human health and the role the microbes that inhabit each of us play in disease.  This seminal publication was a tipping point that lead to numerous new areas of research.

JCVI Associate Professor, Marcelo Freire, DDS, PhD, DMSc, continues to lead the field as he investigates the critical role the human microbiome plays in inflammation as the pathway to chronic disease. 

Dr. Freire started his career in dental medicine and his experience as a dual-scientist and clinician has given him a unique perspective on the application of scientific innovations in health care.  He and his team are currently developing a wearable oral sensor which would deliver an individual a daily inflammation score by monitoring systemic interactions. Since the mouth is the origin point for the digestive system, changes in the oral microbiome can be early signals of disease.


This project is currently seeking a funding partner. Please contact the JCVI Development Office

Jill Mullen
Sr. Vice President of Philanthropy and Strategic Alliances