Minimization and Modularization of the Genome of the Eukaryote, Kluyveromyces marxianus

The goal of the project is to apply the lessons learned from minimizing and reorganizing a bacterial genome to remodel the genome of an industrially useful, vastly more complicated eukaryotic yeast, called Kluyveromyces marxianus (Kmax). We are starting with a single K. marxianus chromosome as a platform to develop a generalized set of algorithms for minimization and defragmenting the genes into functional modules that could be applied to all small genome eukaryotes, such as yeasts, eukaryotic algae, and parasites. One of the offshoots of our developing methods for grand scale genome manipulation of K. marxianus will be a better yeast for many industrial purposes because of its rapid growth, capacity to grow at high temperatures and in acid conditions, and streamlined genome.


Funding for this project provided through DARPA and Synthetic Genomics, Inc.

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