By Lisa McDonald

The Mobile Lab Is Going to Sunny San Diego

First Class on the DG! Mobile Lab, January 2006

Late one evening in January 2006, the mobile lab pulled into the parking lot at 9704 Medical Center Drive. It was such an exciting evening! Within a few days, we had all the lab supplies on it and began visiting students. The first school in the Washington Area was Patapsco Middle School in Howard County. In addition the other inaugural participating schools were Ron Brown Middle School, Hines Junior High School, and Eliot Junior High School in Washington, DC. Since then, we had the opportunity to bring the mobile lab to thousands of students in the past 5 years.

Today, the mobile lab began its journey across the US to San Diego. Let us know if you see it on the highway!

As you may have seen in September, we just broke ground on our new facility in San Diego. We began offering education programming in San Diego at our temporary facility in 2007 - we have worked with over 30 teachers. From these relationships, we look forward to bringing the same opportunities to San Diego students we have in the Washington Area.

Students on the DG! Mobile Lab
Students on the DG! Mobile Lab

With the current economic environment, keeping this program rolling is challenging. Yet, it is needed more and more in the classroom. We need your help! To find out how you can help keep this science program rolling, visit our mobile lab page.