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The following is a collection of publications that have made use of the GSCID data.

If your publication uses this data and isn't listed below, contact us.

Phylogenetic analysis reveals the global migration of seasonal influenza A viruses.
PLoS pathogens. 2007-09-14; 3.9: 1220-8.
PMID: 17941707
Yersinia pestis evolution on a small timescale: comparison of whole genome sequences from North America.
PloS one. 2007-08-22; 2.8: e770.
PMID: 17712418
The complete genome sequence of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis IP31758, the causative agent of Far East scarlet-like fever.
PLoS genetics. 2007-08-01; 3.8: e142.
PMID: 17784789
Quasispecies of bovine enteric and respiratory coronaviruses based on complete genome sequences and genetic changes after tissue culture adaptation.
Virology. 2007-06-20; 363.1: 1-10.
PMID: 17434558
Biologic, antigenic, and full-length genomic characterization of a bovine-like coronavirus isolated from a giraffe.
Journal of virology. 2007-05-01; 81.10: 4981-90.
PMID: 17344285
Multiple antimicrobial resistance in plague: an emerging public health risk.
PloS one. 2007-03-21; 2.3: e309.
PMID: 17375195
Burkholderia Hep_Hag autotransporter (BuHA) proteins elicit a strong antibody response during experimental glanders but not human melioidosis.
BMC microbiology. 2007-03-15; 7.19.
PMID: 17362501
Complete genomic sequences, a key residue in the spike protein and deletions in nonstructural protein 3b of US strains of the virulent and attenuated coronaviruses, transmissible gastroenteritis virus and porcine respiratory coronavirus.
Virology. 2007-02-20; 358.2: 424-35.
PMID: 17023013